Westview Christian Church
     (Disciples of Christ)

            Come Worship with us as children of God as we rejoice in the Holy Spirit among us and celebrate the presence of the risen Christ at the Communion Table. Our communion services are always open to everyone.
            If you would like more information about Westview, feel free to call the church office (317-291-7871) or email Rev. Kelly Nichols (kellyjoy1014@gmail.com).

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 The Pick-up Band will resume practice in October and will perform on the third Sunday, October 17, 2021.

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Regular Sunday Schedule

9:30am Christian Education for all
10:30am Worship
Fellowship follows each service

Please join us
5925 West 34th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
(between High School and Moller Roads)


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Join us in worship!

Prayer for the Week -

Call to Confession

O LORD our God, listen to our prayers.  Listen to our desires to with you, to dwell in your house. And to let our whole beings be filled with your presence.

* Prayer of Confession

LORD, you have made promises to us.  Sometimes we treat them as promises we would make when we say that we will try to do something, or to go somewhere.  Forgive us of this for you have never said “I will try”.  You have always said “I will” or “It shall be done.”  Forgive us ours sin of impatience, our sins of being in a hurry, our sins of taking control from your hands, and our sins of not hanging on when that’s all you want us to do.  In silence now we sit in your presence to confess our individual sins to you.


* Assurance of Pardon                                                                         

Hear now and know, O People of God, that your sins are forgiven.  Know that the timing of the fulfillment of the divine promises is in the timing of the LORD.  Know that the LORD gives to us all the grace, mercy, and forgiveness to hang on in times when hanging on seems too hard, not enough, impossible.  Remember the words of the angel to Mary, “Have you not heard that nothing is impossible with God!”  In this confidence we now worship in the name of the LORD! 






Go now singing to the Lord your songs of thanksgiving and praise.  Go now knowing that our LORD is Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer!  Hang on in the deep peace of mind and heart that this gives.


Each month, the Pick-up Band shares in worship. All ages are welcome to join the group. There are no try-outs. Our director provides rhythm instruments, guidance, and a great sense of humor as people of diverse abilities make joyful music singing and playing to the Lord.