Serving on the West side of Indianapolis for about 50 years, Westview is a diverse congregation where every person is welcome to worship, learn, fellowship with others, and be involved in mission. We have a friendly style of worship which includes a time for reading and interpreting the Bible each week, enjoying uplifting music, learning about various service projects, and sharing the Lord’s Supper. Congregants come from various backgrounds, cultures, and religious traditions, including those with no previous connection to Christianity. 

As a fellowship group, we are connected with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), which means we allow individual thought and ideas. No creedal statements or tests of faith are required for membership. We believe in God and claim Jesus Christ as our Guide and Lord.

Our Open and Affirming Mission

Believing in the love of God, as exemplified by the life of Jesus the Christ, Westview Christian Church, as part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), openly welcomes everyone and excludes no one, just as Christ welcomes all who seek His loving, saving grace. We openly invite persons of all ages, races, genders, nationalities and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations or identities, physical and/or mental abilities, and all who have experienced a feeling of being separated in a previous spiritual home. We are a safe, ADA, nurturing community of believers, who learn, worship, and partake of Holy Communion together, while discovering our God given gifts and showing God’s compassionate love through generous outreach to the neediest of God’s children. We confess that we are not perfect, but trust in the enduring mercy, grace and love of God’s forgiveness and the compassion of Westview’s caring community.